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As a 'boutique' we provide customized services for strategy development and transformation. 

Correspondingly, we 'mesh' the best of relevant worlds: industry & consulting experience, customer centrism & DNA, traditional insight techniques & agile methods, market leaders & hand-picked partners.

With our St. Gallen heritage and more than 19 years of experience in developing and transforming market-oriented strategies with global market leaders, we are a strategic partner for Top Decision Makers, Strategy Departments, Marketing-, Foresight- and Digital Business Unit Leaders.

We do believe that strategy responsibility cannot be delegated. However, it is an honor to partner with our clients and project partners on this journey:


cooperating closely, we generate 360° insights regarding trends, customers, their own DNA and competitors. We are always determined to develop tailored concepts and superior solutions to safeguard and grow business models.

With our strategic service platform, we focus on a sustainable evolution of business models and validate execution performance along the entire strategy process:


this comprises insights, objectives and solution alternatives, roadmaps and co-creation sprints, pilots, positioning and performance management - always meshing state-of-the-art approaches, experiences and partners.

Personally, we commit our entire experience as leaders, project managers, consultants, moderators, impulse providers, challengers etc.


And more:




With our experience as industry managers and consultants in DAX30 corporations, we know “both worlds” and are trusted partners of our clients and project partners. 


We support them in developing, transforming and realizing brands, products and services that succeed expectations and delight customers sustainably.

At the same time, we leverage our comprehensive project management experience and regard ourselves as problem solvers and future builders.

Story building and telling are our strengths and passion thus we are

​at our client’s side when internal and external stakeholders need to be steered diplomatically and efficiently.


As one-stop-partner, we offer “solutions with one face to the customer” and access to a unique network of experts at the same time.

Being a boutique, we do only cooperate with handpicked partners who are quality leaders in their field of expertise.  


This allows our clients to develop premium solutions for highly dynamic markets in a fast and efficient manner:

As one major point of contact, we do significantly reduce the complexity that is usually caused when working with diverse, small and changing   partners.

Last but never least, we are passionate about our work and perfectionists.


That does not mean that we do not believe in entrepreneurial skills and instincts.


However, we have taken measures to ensure quality throughout  our projects and processes. One is our Strategic Approach that allows us to systematically leverage our experience, competence and network.

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