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"mesh." = {network}

“mesh” means network. It also means “to engage gears” or to foster collaboration. With trusted, hand-picked partners and team members - whom you see below. 
Furthermore, it means "#" which is one of the key symbols of "digitalization" and of the pressure on business models that comes along. 

THE CHALLENGE. We are convinced that flexibility and “digital readiness” are crucial for the success and survival of most companies.


The megatrends Digitalization, Urbanization, Sustainability and Sharing lead to changed customer behavior and a rising pressure by new competitors - in particularly new players who dare to "disrupt" established markets by re-defining market standards and rules.


While it was partly possible to stay an observer when the first digital wave hit the media companies in the late 1990s, today every company needs to define at least its own understanding of "digitalization" and design its own "digital" landscape: individual fields of action and a roadmap. Ideally based on a Health Check.


Despite all the "noise" and often misleading discussions with fancy buzzwords, the key levers of transformation can and need to be approached systematically:

  • from the advancement of current business models

  • and the creation of new solutions and profit streams

  • to organizational change (structures, processes, partner management, project house re-integration etc.)

  • and cultural readiness.


This often requires to cooperate in project teams with diverse small, partly new and changing partners who add their specific expertise to the own business.


While current structures and cooperation mechanisms are reasonable to manage the current core business, they are often not the most appropriate option to realize new solutions and steer diverse projects with flexible partners in a fast and efficient manner.

OUR ANSWER. To find an answer to this challenge determined mesh.’s structure and work mode: 


in order to ensure tailored and superior solutions for our client’s customers, we do ensure project quality with a dynamic core team of

  • Fortune 500 proven Strategists, experienced Digital Founders and Transformators, storm-proven Project Managers and passionate Storytellers

  • with a global network of hand-picked partners: Researchers, Designers, UE/UI Realizers and logistics entrepreneurs. 


Being a boutique, the key contact and trusted partner to our clients is always the founder herself. If a project requires external "sourcing", we do only cooperate with quality leaders in their field of expertise. 



  • This allows our clients to quickly and efficiently develop solutions for highly dynamic markets and challenges while ensuring highest project quality in all project phases.

  • At the same time, we do significantly reduce the complexity for our clients that comes along with “network structures” and the steering of diverse partners.


As a “one-stop” partner we do offer fast and efficient solutions for highly dynamic markets and challenges “by one hand” and provide access to a unique network of experts and premium boutique partners.




Partner for the realization of Digital Transformation projects. Leading Digital Design Agency and Service Design Partner.

Partner for realizing larger-scale Digital Innovation and Transformation Ventures.

Partner for Communication Strategy and realization with highest visual expectations.

Partner for Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard implementations and Cockpits in Marketing and Sales.

Partner that ensures Clarity & Creativity for Brands in Transformation. Strategic Brand Consulting and Brand Design Agency. Experts to extract the Essence of a Brand and position it accordingly.

THAT IS A SELECTION. We cannot share every cooperation partner of the last 4 years here as our partners network is the backbone of our work. However, we put a lot of energy into building the right connections. Therefore, we are confident to be able to build the right teams to solve your challenges - with regard to competences and focus areas. Sometimes in record time. And we never compromise on personality. Hand-picked partners. As we wrote. Also for their values and work ethics.



Since succesfully building her first business in 1998 and closely witnessing the first "new economy" wave, Simone believes: a senior single-point-of-contact and an excellent, flexible network of partners are crucial success factors for innovative projects. In particularly, if time to market and superior competitive advantage in design and execution count.


Her comprehensive experience in Top-Management consulting and as Manager and Leader of large, international and cross-functional projects "off the beaten tracks" further convinced her of this. The idea for mesh. was born. 

Grown up near Cologne, Simone completed her economic studies in St. Gallen, Boston and Hohenheim with a focus on Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Marketing and Performance Management.


She started her professional career in 2004 in St. Gallen with Consulting, the St. Gallen Best Practice in Marketing program and Leadership Trainings for diverse partners such as Hilti, PostFinance, Sanofi, Roche Pharma, SBB, Winterthur Insurances and SwissRe.


Simone continued this path as Manager and Inhouse Consultant at the Bayer AG, fine-tuning her consulting skills working for ex McKinsey and BCG partners. Participating in major corporate programs at Bayer HealthCare, she led international branding and "profitable growths" initiatives. In 2010, Simone joined Audi Consulting and complemented her functional portfolio with projects optimizing the product development process, portfolio management and supplier cooperation.

As Manager in Audi's Corporate Strategy department, Simone was later responsible for several innovative, cross-functional initiatives and teams - with a focus on mobility solutions, marketing and business development.

Having always seeked sweet spots for her clients and employers, Simone found a sweet spot for herself at the end of 2017: a unique chance to leverage her strengths and previous experiences in industry and consulting in order to realize her dream and truly be an entrepreneur. Executing a soft launch, Simone spend several months realizing first projects, re-assessing her network, building a team and partnerships to transform mesh. from a project platform into a scalable GmbH which she officially founded in May 2018. 

Since then, it has been a ride and the fulfillment of several dreams for her and her teams.



  • a track record of business development projects for most premium and luxury automotive OEMs,

  • the intensification of her role as C-level and Top-Management sparring partner, interim manager and senior leader of very diverse teams of all different backgrounds, ages and positions,

  • the deepening of mesh.'s project portfolio with agile transformation, EV, autonomous driving and sustainability projects

  • and the expansion of the client portfolio to leading Re-insurances, Transformation Consultancies, Design firms and Retail businesses

  • while meeting amazing people, building energizing, reliable and powerful partnerships with market leaders and key players in their fields.

Would she do it again? Definitely: YES! 


We do currently not actively advertise open positions.

But if we caught your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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