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Business model transformation beyond customer centrism: 360 degree, based on our client's DNA.

We have developed, applied and refined a strategic approach to systematically advance business models and ensure execution performance. 

It is based on our belief that superior business strategies always consider three aspects: customer needs and journeys, competitive offers and most importantly, your own core strengths, capabilities, technologies, designs and ressources.

Our strategic platform comprises all phases of the strategy process and combines state-of-the-art methods.

We work consequently co-creation oriented, involving both, our clients and their customers.

We do so, because we share one core belief with Jeff Bezos, amazon founder, who obviously realized laws of the network economy so early that his business is today among the winners of the digital race:

Jeff Bezos: 

“I very frequently get the question: What's going to change in the next 10 years?


I almost never get the question: 


Based on this belief, we strive to close a substantial gap in many competing offers: based on our St. Gallen roots in holistic management, we do deliberately go beyond customer centrism and use our client’s strengths and assets as the basis of our work. 


Applying a 360° framework, we integrate the market-based/ outside-in and resource-based/ inside-out perspective. This has been state-of-the-art in management approximately 20 years ago and we believe that the current discussions on customer centrism OR technology-driven/ designer-driven will probably show: there is no "either or". Both perspectives are rather relevant, there is reason to apply both or only the one or the other. As always: a matter of objective, timing, budget.


Correspondingly, we develop brands, products and services beyond customer expectations. In a joint approach with our clients and sustainably: based on their DNA.


Because the basis of today’s success usually lies in the corporate story that can be leveraged:

  • its specific strengths, skills, experiences, resources, assets,

  • customers,

  • today and tomorrow. 

And because this is what leaders do: strengthen strengths. A chance only leaders get and new players can only dream of.

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